The Rhythmic Events of Quasi Lab

Installation made during a three month residency at Ateliers ’89, Aruba, in 2011.

The sun and the sea early came to be my ‘objects of fascination’ but also my closest companions. Found materials washed up by the sea, fruits, dough and plants where collected and placed in the backyard for a period of drying, reflecting or evaporating in the sun. This came to be called Quasi Lab, a spot constantly growing, changing and finally presented as The Rhythmic events of Quasi Lab in the exhibition Souvenir Festival.

The Rhythmic Events of Quasi Lab
Installation overview, Souvenir Festival, Aruba, 2011

Sun stick (Static)
Coconut, mirrors, wooden stick, vinyl print, spotlight

Sun stick (Static) (detail)

Sun stick (Static) (detail)

Dried cactuses, saté sticks, rice, jack cable, guitar amplifier, sound

Rainforest (detail)

Water, pigment, glass jars, mirror, wood, metal legs