And Back Again (the Sea)

A site specific sculpture made for the exhibition Gränssnitt Östersjön in Smygehuk, Sweden, 3 August—1 September 2013.

Permanently installed at Smygehuk in 2014, seen here on Google maps.

Smygehuk is the southernmost piece of Swedish land before meeting the sea, it’s the transition between a solid and a liquid form. For many years the lighthouse and the fog horn was communicating outwards to the sea, it was the fixed point to whom ever was out there in darkness, mist and storm. I wanted to change the communication inward by building an acoustic radar that carries the sound of the sea back to land.

And Back Again (the Sea)
Permanent installation at Smygehuk, 2014
Powder coated steel

And Back Again (the Sea)
Installation view at Gränssnitt Östersjön, Smygehuk, 2013
Wood, acrylic paint

An ongoing series that deals with the connection between Land–Sky–Sea and how they echo/reflect each other.