Moon & Sun performance

Live performance with Moon & Sun that connects my visual work with my sonic work. For this project I was interested in finding a way to interlace my practices and develop a coherent mobile live performance in which the visual and musical are optimal integrated and mutually reinforcing.

Supported by AFK

Moon & Sun performance, May 30, 2014
The premiere in Muziekgebouw aan’ t IJ, Amsterdam

Moon & Sun
Polyester, fiberglass, pigment, lamps, tripod
Lamp that reacts on the bass drum

Custom built sound converter by Mats Björk

Rain forest (one of the others)
Dried cactus, saté sticks, rice
Rain stick played in the song Hunt

Lamp holders
Painted wood, LED lamps

Dyed and painted textile

Clothing with UV painted overlapping pattern. A UV spot reacts to the strings being played on the zither.
UV pattern painted by Tarja Szaraniec