For The Record

For the Record is a collaborative project formulated by Plan B and KRETS, presenting works by the following artists and participants:

Karl Georg Staffan Björk, Leif Holmstrand & Ia Neumüller, Magnus Monfeldt, NIGHTWALKERS, Jenny Nordberg, Red Light Radio, Scapeous, Etta Säfve, Koen Taselaar & Wouter Venema, Monica Tormell, Father Futureback.

Through a series of events – ranging from artist presentations, screenings and workshops, to a city walk, performances and an evolving exhibition – we will host a program divided into four interwoven chapters. Linking Dutch and Swedish artists, designers and experimental musicians, these chapters will deal with and celebrate independent artistic practices – and concepts such as meeting, producing, participating and sharing content.

Artist presentation September 7 2014.